Safety First

Prioritizing Safety in
Pool and Spa Inspections

In the pool and spa inspection industry, safety is not just a priority—it's a necessity. The Pool Inspector App introduces the Safety First module, a comprehensive solution designed to manage safety and compliance effectively within your business. With real-time visibility and automated features, Safety First ensures that your inspection jobs are carried out with the highest safety standards in mind.

Key Features

Experience the Power of Safety First in Your Pool Inspection Business

Centralized Safety Documentation

Keep all safety documents, including compliance certificates and safety equipment checks, in one place with integrated expiry notifications to ensure everything is current.

Safety Workflows

Activate the Safety First option to ensure field inspectors complete safety forms before accessing job forms, reinforcing safety measures before any inspection begins.

Safety Register

Use Compliance Registers to monitor the status of multi-step compliance requirements, perfect for managing Non-Conformance and Incident/Near Miss reports, all archived with automated reminders.

Customizable Safety Checklists

Implement clear, easy-to-use safety checklists, forms, reports, and workflows. Customize them to fit your pool and spa safety inspection processes, ensuring a safe and compliant operation.

A Day in the Life of a Pool Inspector using
Safety First Features

A pool inspector standing in front of a residential swimming pool. He has a tablet with Pool Inspector App in his hand.
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Access to Safety Documentation

Access all necessary safety documents, such as pool fencing regulations and equipment safety checks, from a centralized location, available instantly to field inspectors.

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Safety Workflow Initiation

Before starting an inspection, complete the required Safety First forms to ensure all safety measures are in place, reducing risks and promoting a safe working environment.

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Safety Register Monitoring

Keep track of compliance requirements with Compliance Registers, ensuring all steps are followed for a thorough and compliant inspection process.

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Safety Checklists Completion

Utilize customized safety checklists to conduct thorough inspections, ensuring all safety and compliance standards are met.

Exceed Safety Standards

With the Safety First feature of the Pool Inspector App, you can ensure that your business not only meets but exceeds safety regulations, maintaining a safe working environment for everyone involved.