Document Storage

Efficient Document Management for Pool Inspection Businesses

Elevate your pool inspection business operations with our robust document management feature.
Centralize, manage, and access all your crucial documents in one place, promoting seamless operations
and superior efficiency.

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Harness the Power of Effective Document and Resources Management

Operating a pool and spa inspection business involves managing a myriad of documents and resources. From safety protocols and inspection reports to client agreements and service records, keeping these documents organized is crucial.

Our Pool Inspector App document management feature allows you to centralize and manage all your documents effortlessly from one secure place.

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Key Features

Simplify Document Management in
Your Pool Inspection Business

Document Management & Versioning

Your documents are always up-to-date with automatic version tracking, expiry alerts, and a complete history log for superior document management.

Email & Printing Capabilities

Send documents directly from the field with ease, providing clients with immediate access to necessary information with just a few taps.

Current Version Accessibility

Update a document in your Management Portal and it instantly syncs across all mobile devices, guaranteeing your team has the most recent data.

Tailored Access Permissions

User groups control permissions, so different groups can see different folders and documents. This ensures that everyone can only see what they need.

Automated Expiry Tracking

Let our system take care of document expirations, eliminating the need for manual monitoring and ensuring compliance.

Custom Document Folders

Create and manage custom folders for your documents, streamlining the search and retrieval process for efficiency.

The Path to Efficient Document
and Resource Storage

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Uploading Documents

Begin by uploading essential documents into the Pool Inspector App, such as safety documents, inspection reports, and client agreements.

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Documents Access

Once uploaded, these documents can be accessed from anywhere, ensuring you always have the necessary information at hand.

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Document Management
and Versioning

Benefit from full document and version control, with automatic updates for all mobile users, ensuring access to the latest versions.

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Sharing Documents

Share documents with clients or colleagues on the go, providing them with the latest information instantly.

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Expiry Notifications and Document History

Stay informed with expiry notifications and maintain a clear history of each document.

Get Your Pool Inspection Business Organized

The Pool Inspector App's Document Module is the perfect solution for managing all the documents crucial to your pool inspection business.