The Pool Inspector App Shines at SPASA Brisbane

The Pool Inspector App Shines at SPASA Brisbane

Discover how the Pool Inspector App wowed at SPASA Brisbane, setting new pool safety standards. Learn more about our App!

February 20, 2024

A Day for Creativity and Networking

On a vibrant day marked by innovation and community, February 14th saw the Pool Inspector App team stepping into the spotlight at the SPASA Pool Safety Inspectors Meeting in Brisbane. This event, a gathering of minds and missions, brought together the SPASA and IRLearning Teams, representatives from various Queensland Councils, and a dedicated group of Pool Safety Inspectors, all united by a commitment to best practice in pool safety.

The meeting was an excellent opportunity for the Pool Inspector App team to showcase the latest advancements in pool inspection technology. Our reports, designed with precision and user-friendliness in mind, received an overwhelmingly positive response. However, it was the 3D Visual Image Library that truly captured the audience's imagination, highlighting the value of this innovative tool not just for inspectors but for pool owners nationwide.

Phil, the Technical Manager for the Pool Inspector App at Formitize, shared insights into the collaborative spirit driving the industry forward. "Partnering with SPASA and engaging with Local Councils and Queensland Inspectors opens up a dialogue on the varied scenarios and challenges faced in pool safety. It's exciting to contribute to this evolving landscape as we prepare the 2023 Australian Standard version of our reports," he remarked.

A key takeaway from the meeting was the unanimous agreement on the importance of a process-driven approach to pool inspections. Such an approach ensures consistency and minimizes the risk of oversight, reinforcing the Pool Inspector App's role in setting the industry standard for Australian Pool Safety Reporting.

A Trusted Partner in Pool Safety Training

As the official training software partner to SPASA's IRL, the Pool Inspector App is gaining recognition as the go-to solution for pool inspection and safety compliance.

The team is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to engage with more Pool Safety Inspectors at upcoming meetings across the country and to showcase our solutions at the Splash Pool & Spa Trade Show on August 21st and 22nd.

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In our continuous effort to support and educate the pool safety community, we're excited to invite you to an exclusive webinar hosted by Phil, our Technical Manager. This FREE session, titled "Welcome to the Pool Inspector App," is designed to revolutionize your pool inspection process.

Join us for a casual walkthrough where Phil will showcase what the Pool Inspector App can do, demonstrate how the forms work, and give you a feel for its look and feel. It's a journey towards a more efficient future in pool safety and compliance.

Webinar Details:

Stay tuned for more details, and join us in embracing the future of pool inspection with the Pool Inspector App. Together, we're setting new standards in pool safety, ensuring secure and compliant pool areas for everyone to enjoy.

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