IRLearning & Pool Inspector App Partnership
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IRLearning & Pool Inspector App Partnership

IRLearning partnership, offering free access to students for enhanced pool safety training and business management.

February 12, 2024

Institute of Research & Learning

SPASA’s Institute of Research & Learning has joined forces with the Pool Inspector App in a partnership that enables IRLearning students to use Pool Inspector App for free during their training and assessment period as the official training software partner. Once qualified, the students can then seamlessly and without interruption, opt-in to continue using their Pool Inspector App account to run all aspects of their inspection business.

About the Institute of Research & Learning

The Institute of Research and Learning are leaders in trade-related and professional qualifications - transforming industry, meeting educational needs and building careers.

The Institute of Research and Learning (IRLearning) is a Registered Training Organisation that has firmly distinguished itself as a leader in trade-related and professional qualifications. IRLearning is also a consultancy-based industry research organization that provides advocacy and advisory services to various industries. Their expertise allows them to participate in industry-led projects and author papers impacting various sectors.

Related Training Courses provided by IRLearning

NSW Swimming Pool Inspector

Barrier Inspections

If you want to be registered as a Swimming Pool Inspector in NSW, you can complete the QLD Pool Safety Inspections Course and apply for mutual recognition with the NSW Office of Fair Trading, or complete the relevant pathway.

Participants from NSW have the opportunity to undertake the QLD 11067NAT Course. Importantly, there are no prerequisites in terms of qualifications or prior experience for enrolling in this course. Upon successful completion, participants will receive their QLD certification and license. Subsequently, they can apply for mutual recognition of their license with the NSW Office of Fair Trading. This seamless process will grant them the title of "Registered Swimming Pool Inspector" in NSW, enabling them to conduct inspections within the state. Consequently, individuals who pursue this pathway will be duly licensed in both QLD and NSW.

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QLD – Pool Safety Inspections

Barrier Inspections

The 11067NAT Course in Swimming Pool Safety Inspections is a nationally accredited course approved by the QBCC. If you want to become a Pool Safety Inspector (PSI) in Queensland, you must successfully complete the 11067NAT Course in Swimming Pool Safety Inspections course before you can apply for a license with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

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VIC - Building Inspector (Pool Safety)


Barrier Inspections

This VBA approved course specifies the skills and knowledge a person registered in the Victorian class of Building inspector (Pool Safety) required to carry out the functions of a swimming pool and spa inspector under the Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2018.

The following activities are required to be completed in a competent manner and to a professional standard on pool barriers (excluding newly constructed pool barriers for which a mandatory inspection must be conducted):

  • Undertaking inspections of swimming pool and spa barriers to determine compliance with applicable barrier standard
  • Issuing certificates of pool and spa barrier compliance
  • Issuing certificates of pool and spa barrier non-compliance
  • Lodging certificates of pool and spa barrier non-compliance with the relevant council

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6 Months Free Use of Pool Inspector App for IRL Students!

Receive 6 months free access to the Pool Inspector App

IRLearning, through its range of courses, provides students with the theory and logic behind barrier inspection requirements. 

The Pool Inspector App partnership re-enforces this knowledge with the ideal Checklist and Reporting tool to deliver on the training attained when Inspectors are out in the field at work. Even with all of the knowledge, it is very easy to forget something and so a logical process and tool to ensure all items are considered and noted accurately and efficiently is a very important part of the professional inspection process. 

However, the benefits don't end there. Pool Inspector App also includes a 3D Visual Image Library, a complete Job Management solution to run all aspects of the business including Customer Database (CRM), Job Scheduling, Automated Reminders, Sales Lead pipeline, Integrated Quoting and Invoicing, integrated website and so much more, all in one easy to use solution.

IRL students are entitled to free use of the inspection and business management software that can be used during their training and assessment period for up to six months.

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